朝田 英之(あさだ ひでゆき):

13才の時にギターを弾き始め、高校生時代は飛騨高山の実力派ポップロックバンド、”Little Voice”に参加。19才で上京し、2年間ジャズギターを岩谷耕資郎氏に師事。
2010年より奨学金を得てアメリカ・ボストンのバークリー音楽大学に入学。David ‘Fuze’ Fiuczynski、David Gilmore、Tim Miller、John Wilkins、Bret Willmott、Jon Damian、Bruce Bartlett、Kevin Barry、Mick Goodrick、Jon Finnなどに師事。2013年にGuitar Department Achievement Award、Professional Music Achievement Awardを受賞し、GPA3.993という好成績で卒業。

岩崎廉率いる新進気鋭オーケストラOrchesra de “R”、下町ジャズビッグバンドObsounds Jazz Orchestraに参加中。

花總まり 1stアルバム/1stソロコンサート
タップショー「Shoes On! 2016」 etc
秋夢乃 バースデイコンサート
坂本九ファミリー ママエセフィーユ コンサート etc
秋夢乃 CDリリースライブ
三遊亭好の助真打昇進記念 寄席囃子ジャズ(編曲)
水夏希 Middle of the Journey etc


・Orchestra de “R”
・Obsounds Jazz Orchestra

Hideyuki Asada is a guitarist, composer, and arranger who is flexible to various musical genres with his deep knowledge of musical theory and popular taste of music.
A native from Hida-City, Gifu, Japan, Hide has started to play the guitar at the age of 13. When he was 17 years old, he started to play with local musicians in clubs, parties, and concerts.
Since he was interested in technology of making music, he started to study recording engineering at Kunitachi Music Academy (KMA) in Tokyo, while studying Jazz guitar performance with Koshiro Iwatani. When graduating, he received KMA award as a Jazz guitar player although he was in audio engineering major. Hide has begun music career as a session musician while he is making own music. About that time, he saw many performances of world-famous musicians and he decided to go abroad and study music much deeper. Later, he participated Berklee world tour audition in Tokyo, and was offered scholarships.
In 2010, he started his performance study at Berklee Collage of Music and graduated in 2013 with the Guitar Department Achievement Award and Professional Music Achievement Award.